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Crane Health

FAFECO Crane Care has expert teams of engineers and skilled manpower that are ready to deliver all the possible solutions, be it crane installation, commissioning or refurbishment using genuine quality spares.

Preventive & proper maintenance of cranes needs to be done at regular intervals. The duration of the functional operation of Cranes decides when the inspection needs to be done. FAFECO Crane Care’s skilled technicians help in monitoring the functional aspects of your Cranes, that in turn ensures the increase in lifespan and durability of the Cranes. At FAFECO Crane Care, we examine the necessary repairs and replacements to be made and provide services that meet the desired quality standards.

We at, FAFECO Crane Care perform Crane Health Check-up and Refurbishment services which includes:-

  • Checking of Crane Span & Skewness
  • Wear and deformation of Wheel Flanges.
  • Inspection of functioning of all Mechanical & Electrical components.
  • Complete Crane Overhaul with genuine quality spares.
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