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Crane Rail Survey & Refurbishment

FAFECO Crane Care works closely with clients, establishing good communications between the client, the project team and the engineers on site.

Crane rail services are rendered on a timely basis and are executed using the latest technology & machines.

Crane rail services benefits with,

  • Crane rail installation & maintenance.
  • Crane rail alignment and repair
  • Tailor-make solutions for Crane rail

FAFECO Crane Care provides you an extensive Crane Rail Survey & Refurbishment of crane Rails & related accessories, be it for Overhead Crane Rail Track or the Ground Crane Rail Tracks. Most importantly our association with Rapid Rail GB ( makes us the only company to undertake Crane Rail Survey as well as Rail Joint Welding in a live running potline of Aluminium Smelter

The Crane Rail surveys are conducted on a timely basis, in the expert guidance of our well-trained engineers and technicians which is executed using the latest tools and technologies. This helps in providing our customers with a proper diagnosis of not just the Crane Rails, but also the Rail Joints, Rail Clamps & Rail pads if any.

We at, FAFECO Crane Care perform Crane Rail Survey and Refurbishment of Crane Rails & Related Accessories which includes:-

  • Crane Rail Survey to check Rail Alignment& Rail Levels of LT as well as CT Rails.
  • Inspection of Wear & Tear of Existing Crane Rails, Rail Joints, Rail Clips & providing solutions with new adjustable, self-locking Rail Clips & Steel Reinforced Rubber pads
  • Supply of new Crane Rails, Alumino Thermit Welding Kits, Rail Clips, Rail pads etc
  • Installation & Alignment of new Crane Rails as per IS Standards.
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